Is He Committed?

While researching my book, I discovered a study from the US military. During routine laboratory testing, medical practitioners discovered a pattern in which they could predict that a married service man would leave his relationship within the year. These findings were further supported by research studies out of Harvard.

Now we would like to bring this innovative research to the public. We are looking for couples that would be willing to do the test to show how it works. It is a non-invasive saliva test, like a spit DNA tests that takes about a week to process.

What do the results mean? In most cases, the test shows that he is committed, removing any doubt. However, sometimes the test results indicate that he is Not committed. This doesn’t necessarily mean he is cheating. Rather it means the couple needs to have a conversation. His body is gearing up for a change. When discovering this pattern while he is still in the relationship, couples can work together to save a relationship before any real damage is done. We believe this can be a game changer.

We are looking for real heterosexual couples (sorry the pattern only works in monogamous heterosexual couples) in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach area that are willing to do the test and have it filmed for a YouTube channel. This is to help show other couples how the test works. There is not cost or obligation to participate and we come to you. Simily give us you name and email below and we will contact you to set up everything.

This is a non invasive biological test for commitment. Research shows that commitment has a biological effect on men that can be detected in lab tests. As with all lab tests, their is a risk for accuracy. However, preliminary studies have found a 97% accuracy in detecting cheating in heterosexual men.

Watch the 1st Episode of Is He Committed here.